My Puppy Chico

Meet my puppy Chico

Now owned by my me Chico listens to his owner. Here are a few pictures of our time together. Chico holds my drink for me whilst I watch tv, waiting patiently for my next order Chico is always eager to please.
It is this eagerness that is very important as it reflects the direct respect a slave should have for their master. But I am not Chico’s master, I am his owner. He is my puppy. We have a close bond together and when he’s not serving me we play fetch and I feed him dog food with a bowl.

Chico is great at worshipping my big Arab feet, this is what Chico is trained to do. To worship my feet to a perfected manner that no other slave could. Licking between my toes, cleaning the dirt from my sandals, to sucking on my big toes and making me moan. I hold Chico by the neck and speak to him to make sure he understands that he my property and I will do as I please with him. This type of hypnotisation is key to keep my puppy in place and when it disobeys then it will be punished like all pets are when they do not listen to their owners.

I am a great master and owner therefore Chico has never and will never disobey me, Chico listens and when he’s a good boy he gets doggy treats. Occasionally Chico will be spanked on the ass for my pleasure even though he has been good and gets neck choked because I love showing the pure power and wrath a superior Arab man like me has over my puppy Chico.
As you can see Chico has a great body, he goes to the gym and looks in great shape and he does so for me. It is important that my puppy stays in shape and he does this for my pleasure again showing its great dedication for me its superior Arab Master.

Chico came under my ownership when it saw my big Arab feet, it knew that it would be better under my ownership. It was craving to be owned, the inner puppy in him came running out upon seeing how I own my slaves and my dominant attitude, it feels right and more importantly it is normal. This is where Chico belongs, and from now on when I watch TV after cooking me food Chico holds my drink for me which I love.It begins to feel alive when its holding my drink, sounds pathetic right? It feels aroused and very submissive only when owning my drink, this just goes to show you how powerful I am and the presence I have. It is too superior, from my feet to my attitude to me in general that my slave becomes instantly aroused from just holding my drink.
Chico would beg for more, beg to kiss my feet through my flip flops and so he did. The first gagging session was good but Chico will be getting better. I threw his head to the ground after he was holding my drink for a while and felt that he deserved a reward so I put my big Arab foot in his mouth. He didn’t see it coming and thats what I love most. The shock value. Chico struggled at first but slowly he was able to take my big Arab foot, choking at the same time and attempting to hold my foot back but this was needed. IT IS NORMAL. Chico had to choke on my big foot this is where he belonged and after a while he no longer struggled. My foot was now gliding in and out of his mouth and he then finally understood that despite having a job, friends , family, he always belonged to me….

Watch out for more stories of me and Chico – you’ll love them as a lot of detailed stories will be coming soon.

  1. Can you show videos of stepping on his stomach barefoot?

    3 years ago





Planning to now put up weekly posts of me and my slaves. Describing the



I opended the door knob and came into the room that he was in.



Tied in the corner, my chink Slave was waiting to be used and abused

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