I opended the door knob and came into the room that he was in. There he was, on the floor with his face mask on all fours like a pathetic chinese dog begging for my big Arab feet. His back was arched out with a butt plug in and he was already moaning. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my boots and I could see that he was salivating because he needed my toes in his mouth. He needed to worship my toes and gag on my big feet and choke on them. I could see the eagerness that was pouring out of his eyes, looking pathetic and inferior on all fours.

I stroked his head like a puppy, “you’re my little chinese puppy aren’t you faggot?”. “Yes sir, yes sir I am” he said in his strong accent. He wasn’t from London but he was studying here, “I want your feet Sir” he kept saying in his accent. I smiled at him like an owner who just bought a new puppy and was excited about playing with it. Relaxing back on his bed I told him to take my boots off and without no hesitation he ran to my boots and tried to remove them, whilst doing so I could see the butt plug that was buried deep into its inferior ass and I could see that it was paining him which was hot nevertheless. As he took my boots off I buried them deep into his nose, it was imperative for him to smell my Arab sweat and make sure he smells it all like a pathetic dog.

I grabbed his inferior head with my big hand and pushed his nose into my socks, my sweaty dirty white socks. Unwashed for weeks and they were now smothered all over my slaves inferior face. “Fuck yeah my chinese faggot, this is where you belong, you were born to be a slave for Arab Master Boy”. He nodded his head and tried to speak in his Chinese accent but I didn’t want to hear his voice, I took my right sock off and shoved it in his mouth. I wanted him to not only smell my sweat but to taste my Arab sweat too. Faggots are born to serve, they were born to worship and this is what my Chinese faggot must do. “Fuck yeah thats hot” I moaned out as he chewed my sweaty white sock. “Take the other one off right now” I said and he did so with his mouth. He was not allowed to use his hands because he’s my dog, and my pets must listen to what I say.

There my feet were, in all their perfect glory and he looked at them with such amazement. “Time to gag you inferior dog” I said as I laughed. I shoved my big foot right into his mouth and he simply could not take it, my chinks mouth was too small but this didn’t matter. It needed to happen, my faggot needed to take and gag on my big foot because he understood that faggots must serve. I kept on pushing my big foot into my slaves mouth, slowly going up and down and smiling at him whilst I did so. He loved it, his mouth got bigger and he was now able to take my big foot. He tried to speak with his foreign accent whilst my big feet were going up and down but I didn’t let him. He was here to serve, not to talk.

Gagging a slave felt right, my foot felt warm as it fitted into his mouth and the comforting feeling of a slave serving at my big feet felt right. I made sure he gagged on my feet for a good 20 minutes and he did so. “Lick my toes you chink faggot, you’ve done a good job” I said and he got up back on all fours with his butt plug and began cleaning between my toes and making sure my dirty soles were clean.

A great hot foot session that lasted for a good long hour and he was begging for more, a lucky slave that would of been even more luckier if I had pissed all over him.




My Puppy Chico

Meet my puppy Chico Now owned by my me Chico listens to his owner.



Planning to now put up weekly posts of me and my slaves. Describing the



Tied in the corner, my chink Slave was waiting to be used and abused

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