Planning to now put up weekly posts of me and my slaves. Describing the sheer details of sessions of how I dominate my slaves.

This session was great but I loved it more because I got creative. I decided to add some hot food play to the session, walking around on a hot summers day with bread on my soles in my boots and then coming back to have a slave eat them.

As I opened the door to my slaves place, there it was, begging on the floor like a dog begging for its owner to feed it when it comes home. And I was going to feed my slave today, “you hungry boy?” I said and laughed. My slave didn’t respond as I didn’t give it permission to do so. I walked to the main room and sat down in my gym shorts. My big Arab legs were on show and my slave was grovelling for them like a pathetic dog it was so funny to watch. I took off my shoes and shoved them at him, “eat up” I said.
He took the sweaty bread out of my shoes that reeked of my sweat and ate them. I held his head back with my big hands and spat in them, “there you go, add some flavour to it you dirty faggot” I said and then laughed again. As my slave buried deep to eat every piece of that bread I put my big foot on the back of its head to make sure it ate every piece and then laid both of my feet on its back so I could rest from a long day outside in the heat.

“Take my socks off you dirty faggot, please your master” and so he did, I made sure he smelled the scent from my socks too as this is vital. I grabbed my socks and stuffed them in my slaves mouth, making sure he can taste the sweat let alone sniff. He loved it, he became the faggot he was BORN to be. It was hilarious to watch and felt right. I knew dominating this slave felt right, I grabbed my sock out of his mouth and got up and stuffed my big Arab foot in his mouth. He didn’t see it coming at all and that is what I loved, where you don’t expect it coming. That shock value. I lived for it. I looked at him directly in the eyes and smirked.

He knew he was inferior, but gagging on my big Arab feet was very humiliating for my slave. I sat back and relaxed again whilst my slave licked my big soles ever so slowly, getting all the flavour of my Arab sweat off my feet into his dirty mouth. I wanted to get up, suffocating my slave with my white gym socks, gagging and eating my food felt like enough for my slave but I wasn’t done yet. I got up wearing my Arab wear and spat in his mouth, wearing my Arab wear kept me in my element and brought out a sadistic side to me that I didn’t know I had.

End of Part 1.. tune in for later this week to hear about Part 2 of this foot session


  1. man i wish that was me

    3 years ago

  2. Real Master……

    2 years ago




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I opended the door knob and came into the room that he was in.



Tied in the corner, my chink Slave was waiting to be used and abused

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