Tied in the corner, my chink Slave was waiting to be used and abused upon when I wanted to. A great toy of mine. It was begging to worship my feet, its eyes opened up as I came back from the gym and sat in my room. I relaxed on my bed and took my gym shoes off and the sweat began to pour out of my sweaty white socks. My Chink was put to the corner of my bedroom and will only be used when I want to use it. A fun toy for me to clean my dirty sweaty feet before I went to have a shower.

I smiled at him in a degrading manner and deep down he loved it, deep down he knew he had to be here. Deep down he knew he needed my big superior Arab feet in his mouth. I grabbed my desk chair and sat in front of him and opened my legs wide and looked down on him. It was breathing faster presumably from the combination of fear and excitement of getting my feet. I was placed to a corner because my Chink is simply an object that will only be used for my pleasure. A toy. Nothing more.

“I’m gonna have fun with you” I said as I smiled and stroked my Chinks hair. “Get all this sweat out you dirty faggot” I said in my masculine voice. It didn’t have a choice before he knew it my sweaty big feet were all over its face, smothered. Absolutely smothered. Was not able to breathe but what was better? My big feet covered in sweat or oxygen? My Chink knew was better and began licking and sniffing all that sweat out, nothing feels better when a foot slave gently bites my heel through my sweaty white socks. I began to moan as I always do, it was great to use my Chink toy when I come back to my bedroom. It felt amazing.

“Right now you need to taste my big feet” I said in a assertive tone, this is where my domination began to pour out once more. My Chink didn’t respond back because it does not talk. It is a toy. In the corner of my room. Nothing more then an object for fun. “Lick my superior soles you dirty thing” I said as I laughed. My slave was so pathetic but this is what it was born to do. It was born to be under my big Arab feet, licking my soles and sucking my big toes. Tasting all that sweat. That perfect sweat. A hardworking successful man’s sweat.

The Sheer power of having my Chink lay on the floor and my big Arab hairy legs and feet were on either side looking down on it. This was like a performance. A form of art. It spoke volumes. It shows the clear power play, that my Chink was born to be submissive and under my big feet being the foot slave it was meant to be. Smacking my slave with my big feet felt nice too, it was always good to let off some steam coming back from the Gym and being all sweaty. It was always good

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My Puppy Chico

Meet my puppy Chico Now owned by my me Chico listens to his owner.



Planning to now put up weekly posts of me and my slaves. Describing the



I opended the door knob and came into the room that he was in.

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