In the previous post, I introduced you all to my caged slave Jeffrey. I also mentioned that I plan to do regular posts so you will all be able to see what my caged slave is up to and how the control increases as time progress. The chastity device remains on Jeff and he was able to relieve himselfwith the device still on due to my orders of course. My Caged slave Jeff wrote a description of what it feels like to be under my ownership :

Arabmasterboy is an exceptional man and a caring owner. I have been in a cage for a little over a month under His ownership and care, and I have enjoyed finding myself a whole person in belonging to him. I have found I am turned on each time I make a tribute, and master acknowledges my giving. I am pleased to help make his life a better place by my tithing.
I have come to understand how lucky I am to have him as an owner. He truly listens when I have something I want to share with him, whether it is good news, a question about what makes him happy, or a problem I am experiencing in life.

And speaking of good news, I was given permission to share this experience on His blog. Since I have been caged for over a month, I have had exceptional sexual build up. I was allowed by tmaster to use an ‘insertion toy’, and I experienced my first internal orgasm. I was able to cum by penetration without touching myself. It was like nothing else I have ever experienced. I am so lucky to have a master who guides me to these times of great happiness and positive self-exploration. Thank you Arabmasterboy, you are the best master I could have hoped for.

My caged slave will remain in this chastity device until I say so, he will not have it removed at any time until I say so. I am in power. I am in control. Jeff is making great improvement and has understood that his life is better for me owning it. I have the key to the chastity device and Jeff has accepted the full submission. Look at the cum oozing out of my slave’s chastity device, the sheer control that I have. The control will grow stronger by the day and more posts will come in time. Jeff has been a good boy and perhaps I will remove the device for a while, or perhaps not. It is important for Jeff to tribute as he is locked in with a device, it reinstates his inferior position which is below me and my big Arab feet. It is essential that my slave Jeff understands this and he does.




My Puppy Chico

Meet my puppy Chico Now owned by my me Chico listens to his owner.



Planning to now put up weekly posts of me and my slaves. Describing the



I opended the door knob and came into the room that he was in.

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