My Book “How It All Started...”

Release date - November 2017

I started writing this book to demonstrate how I entered the Foot Fetish world, explaining in detail the growth of domination that was once brewing inside me that now took over me. To explain in detail how a normal boy from London had now owned one of the largest foot stables in the world. To explain how it all started…

Read a excerpt below:

He massaged my feet with such great force and moving his fingers around the pressure points of my toes and mid sole, it felt great. Exactly what I had needed after a great leg session, something that I definitely could get used too. The obedience and submissiveness is what I loved, it was the key to this drive within me that I felt was just waking up. I told him to take off my socks slowly, his face was in shock, my big feet were mouth watering to him and he smiled with excitement. “I’m the luckiest slave in the world” he exclaimed. I didn’t see him as a slave so this was bemusing to say the least, the degradation that this term held made me grin. It made me seem more powerful and stronger and I was warming to it. All these new forms of terminology and type of behavior that was surrounded from having people at my feet was starting to become very appealing. I’m a size UK 10 which is a US 11, he slowly placed his tongue of the bottom of my sole and slowly moved up and it felt heavenly. It reminded me of Felix who would love to have his tongue dancing under my sole and between my toes. The sensual feeling would make me smile in seconds, he saw how he was pleasing me and continued to work hard and at the same pace for a long time. Nothing felt better then having a tongue in between my toes, all the toe jam was being cleaned out and my feet were looking much better. He thrived off the stench, my feet were very smelly on a normal basis but after a gym session it was very pungent. I loved digging my entire foot in his mouth as I laid on the sofa in my gym shorts, he couldn’t get enough of it, or my hairy Arab legs. He loved it all and I could tell this guy was in heaven as he constantly rolled back his eyes…

There he was. Sitting on the floor in a bowing position waiting for me to sit on this grand chair that was placed in front of him. “Hello my beloved Sir, I can feel your dominant presence and I am inferior and weak, it would be an honour to have your big feet on my face and be your slave to only serve and worship you”. I stood there, had no idea what to say, this type of submissiveness I was witnessing was far more extreme then this Henders guy I saw last week, all I knew was that I liked it because I instantly got hard, very quickly. I smiled, a cunning grin, whilst closing the door behind me and locking it. “This is going to be fun” I whispered to myself. I sat on the chair and looked at him below, he started breathing faster and was whimpering, he felt scared to be in my presence and I had no idea why, but then I did. It was my dominant exterior that I projected, my feet, and the satisfaction I was getting from him being weak and inferior. This powerplay was futile, I was living off it and I was clearly showing that I was. “Get to work then” I said, he instantly took off my gym shoes and sniffed them, he moaned so loudly “god your feet stink so bad

That’s a real hard man’s smell after a long week of work” I said in a dominant manner, I started laughing as he was whimpering and having no choice but to serve me. It seemed I was becoming more dominant over time and gaining more control, it was hard to believe people were obey and fall down to my feet but it was happening, people would crawl and beg to be at my feet and I loved it. I truly did.

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